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ASDHA is the professional association of Registered Dental Hygienists'

Component Map ASDHA constantly works to increase access to oral health care for all citizens of Arizona. Our mission is to improve the public's health, and to advance the art and science of dental hygiene.

Not a member? find out how you can become an ASDHA member. Our Web site offers valuable information from legislative to continuing education and events. To find out more visit our Become A Member Page for sign up info, and links.

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Bright Ideas: With Your Help We Can Make this a Real Community Resource

Our goal is to make the new ASDHA Web site a true resource and community for our members and the consumer. As we build our sites content we'd like to look to our members to tell us what they feel is important, and would like to see.

E-newsletter - What type of information would you like to receive on a regular basis. Are there things in your professional career that you would like support with?

Blog - What types of conversations are you having with your fellow Dental Hygienists'. Bring them to the blog; let's discuss them together.

Facebook - Become a member of Facebook and contribute to the conversation.

Community Surveys - Take the survey and suggest new ones!

Contact Us with your feedback we would love to hear from you!

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* As a Member What Rating Would You Give the ASDHA.
* What types of opportunities would you like to have as an ASDHA member?

* Do you feel that your membership in the ASDHA is Helpful to Your Professional Career?
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